Planet Plow

through spacetime for your enjoyment


Planet Plow is a psychedelic alternative rock band based out of Santa Cruz, CA.  Its members include (from left to right):

  • Dale (The Sicilian Stallion) Anzelmo - Drums, Percussion

  • Garrett (Gary/Gum) Schultz - Lead Guitar, Vocals

  • Thomas (Tumnus/Tum) Sakoda - Lead Bass, Vocals

Guitarist Garrett Schultz and bassist Thomas Sakoda were brought together by their mutual friend and drummer, David Crawford, in early 2010 at a shared rehearsal space in Santa Cruz, CA, USA, Earth. As countless musicians came and went, only The Three endured and eventually evolved into the psychedelic power trio we all know and love, Planet Plow. The next five Earth years were spent traveling near and far across the galaxy and gently exploding the minds of the hapless unsuspecting victims who were (un)fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of The Plow. In early 2015, Dave retired his drum sticks and left a gaping black hole in his wake.

Alas, for the next year Planet Plow wandered blindly through the darkest depths of the Grand Musical Abyss while continuing to write and record new songs. Suddenly in 2016, when hope was all but lost, a single glistening ray of light shone in the form of drummer Dale Anzelmo who firmly grasped the hand of The Plow and pulled it from the clutches of obscurity and despair. And so Planet Plow travels on.

The eclectic sound of Planet Plow is derived from the different musical influences and backgrounds of each member.  Garrett's rock-rooted riffs peppered with spine tingling, heart melting blues leads intertwine with the gritty funk fury radiating from Thomas' unholy bass lines.  Enter the seductive, jazz scented, mind bending power funk beats oozing from Dale's kit and the fusion that is Planet Plow is complete.  The power trio's die-hard attitude, refusal of genre restrictions, and pledge to play only the pure music coupled with their willingness to perform energetic live shows anytime, anywhere makes them shine bright among the endless sea of rising and falling stars.

After the haze has finally cleared and the ears have stopped ringing their message becomes ingrained in the mind of those who bare witness:

We will take you through time and space - to Planet Plow

"The Blue Lagoon brings Santa Cruz power-punk psychedelic troupe Planet Plow to the stage next week. Skirting around the edges of oblivion is the obliterating prowess of guitarist Garrett Schultz, the bombastic booms of bassist Thomas Sakoda, and smash master drummer David Crawford. Avoiding any specific genre is Planet Plow’s forte—chunky chords, sonic exploration, and trippy metal caffeinated sludge exist at the edge of their universe. Expect to be happily disorientated with original rock from opener Drifting Compass and comrades-in-arms, Attik Door. | DNA"

- Good Times Santa Cruz 12/22/11

"Question: What do you get when you mix the skate-punk style of Santa Cruz with psychedelic jams, power riffs and spaced-out timing? Answer: The strange men of Planet Plow. By combining the styles of Hendrix and the Doors with NoFx (PP's singer is clearly a fan of Fat Mike), Planet Plow has managed to integrate two genres of music that normally just wouldn't mix. Songs range from the virtues of living a rebellious life to the search for redemption, taking the listener "through time and space," as their slogan says."

- 2011