Planet Plow

through spacetime for your enjoyment



Well, callow Plowlings, the Dawn of Plow has finally arrived. After eons of toil, sweat, drudgery, lethargy, apathy, and complacency, with no shortage of tomfoolery, skullduggery, flimflammery, and the like, at last Planet Plow’s first collection of auditory gems has been extracted from the musical quarry of existence, cut, polished, and presented for human consumption. In short, we released our first fucking album.

We do hope you enjoy allowing its seductive vibrations to seep into your sound-holes and stimulate your neuron centers.

Kindly find the album at one of the links below and stay tuned for info about physical copies, merch, and upcoming shows.

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Moldavian Moonshine

Dear Plowlings, I’ll be your sacrifice.

The upcoming Super Blood Wolf Moon is not the only reason to keep your eye on the sky this week. Moldavian Moonshine, the second single off Planet Plow’s upcoming album has been incubating for some time and is ready to hatch January 25, 0002019. Prepare your Spotify nest by pre-saving and following Planet Plow here.

Crazy as Shit

Such a splendid day.

Planet Plow’s first single off their upcoming record has been released to the wild. Check it out on Spotify below or whichever digital streaming/download service you find most pleasurable to your earthly whims.

As a wise Earthling named Teddy Roose-a-something once said, “Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.” More news concerning The Dawn will be coming soon.


The Dawn Approaches

Greetings once again, Earth friends. The Dawn of a new age is upon you. Put your ear to the wind and listen for the tolling of the bell, the beat of the drum, the rumbling of the distant footsteps. Free yourself from the shackles of the past and look instead to the horizon. The Dawn of Plow is nigh.

It brings me great pleasure to announce the coming of Planet Plow's first full-length album, Dawn of Plow, which is estimated to hit Earth's sound plane February 8, 0002019.

Due to the sheer sonic magnitude, it is in your best interest to begin preparing your weak, primordial lobes for the full brunt force of The Dawn by acquainting yourself with the new single, Crazy as Shit, which will be available for Earth listeners January 11, 0002019.


News from afar


We do understand it must feel like it has been quite some time since any news has been provided here and we do apologize for that.  However, you must realize that while Earth seconds have been ticking away Planet Plow has spent a thousand lifetimes working on our first full-length album which we are proud to announce is indeed nearing completion.  With a targeted release of late-spring/early-summer we can only hope that the good peoples of this planet are prepared for the potentially devastating sounds that ensue.

In the meantime, you can catch a glimpse of the new album live in person at the Santa Cruz Music Festival the weekend of March 10-11, year 0002018 in downtown Santa Cruz, CA, USA, Earth.