Planet Plow

through spacetime for your enjoyment

The Dawn Approaches

Greetings once again, Earth friends. The Dawn of a new age is upon you. Put your ear to the wind and listen for the tolling of the bell, the beat of the drum, the rumbling of the distant footsteps. Free yourself from the shackles of the past and look instead to the horizon. The Dawn of Plow is nigh.

It brings me great pleasure to announce the coming of Planet Plow's first full-length album, Dawn of Plow, which is estimated to hit Earth's sound plane February 8, 0002019.

Due to the sheer sonic magnitude, it is in your best interest to begin preparing your weak, primordial lobes for the full brunt force of The Dawn by acquainting yourself with the new single, Crazy as Shit, which will be available for Earth listeners January 11, 0002019.